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Our Ranch is Home to More Than Horses

   Here at G & T Diamond Ranch we have a little bit of everything. Our petting zoo includes several cows, including Titan, Beefy, Clementine and Honey Bee. In addition to our cows, we have three goats- Zeka, Mocha and Halo! Lastly, we have four fuzzy sheep, Dolly, Kenny, Garth and Marshmallow.

   All of our petting zoo animals are friendly, and love the attention! When petting the cows you might get a little lick! You may catch smile from Zeka the goat, and the  baa of Kenny and Garth our sheep!

   All of our horses may also be pet and loved on- some will even do tricks for treats! Treat bags are available.

Titan Photo 1.png


Garth Photo 1.png


Fun For Everyone!

Every one of our animals have their own unique personalities, from Mocha- our excitable goat to Clementine, our placid cow. Kids and adults alike will love getting to know our animals!

Tickets & Hours

  • $10 per person

  • Each ticket includes one treat bag

  • Pre-purchase tickets through Venmo or in-person

Treat Bags
  • Each ticket includes one treat bag

  • Extra treat bags available at $2.50 per bag

  • Do NOT bring your own treats

  • Do NOT feed plants outside of animal pens

11 am - 3pm

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